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Helen McIntyre with a 7lb blue from Derwent Reservoir.
Helen McIntyre with a 7lb blue from Derwent Reservoir.


Helen nets quality 7lb blue

ANGLERS slowly got to grips with the warming weather at Derwent Reservoir, bringing quality rainbows- many taken on ledgered PowerBait and Magic Dust, although bubble floats and Mice Tails worked well when there was a ripple on the water – to the net.

Helen McIntyre from Kiln Pit Hill, a graduate of Northumbrian Water's 'Try it days', landed a 7lb blue fishing next to the first fence using ledgered PowerBait.

The reservoir fished well on Saturday, with 11 anglers, including Dave Wilson from Howden in Crook, who was fishing Chartreuse PowerBait Eggs at Pow Hill, recording eight-fish limits. D Gill also had a good day on Saturday, landing eight, including a 6lb rainbow, for 24lb.

Fly anglers have seen some great sport this week using Dawson’s Olive and traditional black flies. Daddies fished dry on the surface have also seen excellent results, with fish readily taking these surface flies.

Best flies: Dawson’s Olive, Hawthorn, Bibio, Black and Peacock, Montana.

Best Baits: Pink PowerBait Mice Tails, Magic Dust, Toby/Mepp spinners, float-fished worm.

Best areas: First fence, Murray’s Point, Hunter House, Meadow, north bank.


Changing winds keep fish active

WITH wind directions changing regularly at Fontburn, fish were kept active and good sport was recorded. Anglers reported a combination or cocktail bait is proving to be the most productive.

D Allen took eight for 19lb 8oz; L Little weighed in eight for 18lb; and Mr Richardson record a 17lb 8oz limit bag, with one fish tipping the scales at 3lb 8oz. Mr Aynsley landed a fine brace of fish of 3lb 11oz and 3lb 5oz.

Fly anglers have also made the most of roaming fish, taking good catches with well presented small black flies at the west end of the reservoir near the nature reserve as insects are blown on to the water. Mr. RA Hadley returned four fish along side Mr. A Cook who also had a good day on the fly returning seven fish.

Best flies: Hawthorn, Dawson’s Olive, Black Gnat, Bibio.

Best Baits: Chartreuse PowerBait, Pink and White Mice Tails.

Best areas: North shore middle section with all areas fishing well.


Ring after ring of rising fish

TUESDAY treated anglers to a flat calm Grassholme with fish topping across the reservoir with ring after ring of rising fish.

Anglers started to fill in the returns sheet with fours, fives and sixes. Then, Fay and Alan Marley weighed in 12 between them - with Fay keen to highlight she had caught eight on PowerBait Eggs of varied colours. All their fish were taken at the west end of the reservoir - an area that continues to offer some of the best sport.

Wednesday saw the rod average up to 4.7 fish per angler and one-third of those fishing recorded eight-fish limits, with the best fish hitting 4lb 8oz. On Thursday, Duncan Busfield had five fish from the white post on the north bank using float-fished or ledgered worm and C Boughey had eight for 15lb in the first four hours. On Friday afternoon, Paul Davies from Durham took eight fish from the Dam Wall, the last of the day a £200 tagged rainbow.

Best flies: Black Fritz, Cat’s Whisker, small, black dry flies.

Best Baits: Orange and Pink PowerBait Eggs, worm.

Best areas: West end, any of the sheltered bays, Dam Wall.


Trout feeding at different levels

VARIOUS methods took fish at Hury, showing there are a lot of fish feeding at different levels and on a variety of food.

J Wompra had six on a CdC Shuttlecock, while his fishing partner A Mordica landed on a Pink Blob. George Wind had a cracking day Friday, catching eight fish and returning six, with four of them over the 3lb mark.

Best flies: Dawson’s Olive, black buzzers, blobs, small black dry flies. 

Best areas: Disabled platform, Corporal Hill, spillway.


Greg does well with spinning minnow

WITH the increase in water temperature at Kielder Water, the amount of natural food available to feeding fish is abundant, with large shoals of fry seen around the reservoir close to the bank. Greg McGasken from Hawick took advantage of this, landing eight for 17lb 4oz using a small spinning minnow

Dense gatherings of tadpoles have also been seen in the weedy bays around Whickhope. which has given boat anglers some great sport fishing any black lure patterns close to the bottom on slowly retrieved intermediate or Di 3 line.

More traditional anglers have benefited from a late hatch of mayfly that was spotted at Gowanburn, Lewisburn and in the Belling Inlet.

Best flies: Orange Blob, Black Fritz, tadpole imitations.

Best Bait/Lures: Worm, PowerBait Eggs.

Best areas: Hawkhope, Tower Knowe, Plashetts, Belling Inlet.


Bruce well rewarded for loyalty

After a stormy start on Monday, the rest of the week at Scaling Dam was bright and warm. A large shoal remained consistently at the east bay, drifting from deep to shallow waters, resulting in good sport and excellent catches. Other areas were not so active but some good-size rainbows were caught from all around the Dam.

Bruce Hodgson from Brotton, fishing a Loyalty Day permit, had 10 rainbows, including fish of 4lb and 3lb, among the rocks section at the east end using ledgered Blue Mango PowerBait and Mice Tails.

Also fishing the east end was Harry Noble from Whitby who had eight fish in two hours and, after buying a second permit, ended his day at 1pm with 16 rainbows; all caught on ledgered worm with Green PowerBait.

Several other 4lb rainbows were caught this week, one by Brian Palmer from Redcar using Green PowerBait and another by Mac Porter from Swainby on a worm and Red PowerBait cocktail.

Best flies: Dawson’s Olive, Cat’s Whisker, Orange Fritz.

Best Bait/Lures: Worm, Blue Mango / Green / Red PowerBait. Mice Tails.

Best areas: East bay.

Reports updated July 3 

Busy calendar of competitions

NORTHUMBRIAN Water has put together a busy calendar for the new season headlined by the annual WaterAid fundraisers once again generously supported by Hardy & Greys.

This partnership has to date has raised £50,000 for WaterAid - saving more than 3,300 lives in Africa and Asia.

Rainbow trout marked with special sweep tags will continue to be stocked in Fontburn, Derwent, Grassholme and Scaling. Anglers who catch one of these marked fish and who have joined the optional over-18 sweep for just a £1 stake before fishing could win up to £400.

Building on past successes of encouraging young people to have a go, Northumbrian Water continues to push affordable family fishing. The age limit for free fishing with an adult is 18 and all the children in the family under that age can fish for free and share the limit catch with their full paying parent.

Competitions lined up for the season include:

Kielder Water: WaterAid Boat Pairs Final: July 12.

Fontburn: Northumberland Blind Association charity day ­- July 31.

Kielder Water: Team of four - August 2.

Whittle Dene: Coarse challenge - August 31.

Derwent Reservoir: Charity coarse challenge - November 15.

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