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Mia, six, lands 7lb rainbow

AN unsettled week climaxed with the tail end of hurricane Bertha producing very windy conditions for anglers to contend with.

However, with cooler winds forecast this week, fish should be more inclined to leave the sanctuary of deeper water and actively feed.

Over the past six weeks fewer than half the fish stocked have been recorded as caught, which means there is a large quantity of fish being built up for when conditions are more favourable.

S Lawson netted a limit bag for   21lb 8oz on Friday, and Mia Ellison, six, from Gateshead, fishing with her grandfather, caught five, including a 7lb rainbow, on mixed colours of PowerBait ,including blue and green.

Several anglers have taken fish spinning with a Silver Toby - the best lure by far.

Fly anglers have found the going very tough, although Keith James netted five from the Bay of Plenty.

The first of the small sedge hatches have been noted and also it is heather fly season, both of which can provide great surface sport and something to look out for during the late summer.

Best flies: Dawson's Olive, Cat's Whisker, Sedgehog.

Best baits: Green, Orange or Blue PowerBait mixed, Silver Toby.

Best areas: First fence to Murray's point, Bay of Plenty.


Thomas, 9, and Lewis, 5, do well

THE weather dominated proceedings throughout a blustery and blowy week at Fontburn, with winds gusting upwards of 50mph in the uplands of north Northumberland.

Anglers, hardy enough to fish into the oncoming wind, reported consistent catches and sport.

Fly anglers evidently struggled to command the waters, so it was bait anglers favouring weighty ledger rigs who had most joy.

Falling water temperatures, especially in the shallow bays and margins, brought bottom feeding fish closer to the shoreline where good catches were taken, with good numbers of fish over 2lb brought to the net.

A calmer, well-attended Friday saw the best sport of the week, with A Bell and T Hall each weighing in eight-fish for 20lb. Juniors also enjoyed the day, with Thomas Sheard, nine, and Lewis Marchant, five, each landing their first-ever fish.

An exceptionally windy Saturday continued the good form, with the south shore bay seeing anglers reporting fine catches. Les Little certainly stood up to the gales, eventually weighing in the fish of the week - a 4lb 5oz blue trout.

Best flies: Black Fritz.

Best Baits: Pink PowerBait Eggs and Magic Dust in a swimfeeder.

Best areas: North and south shore bays.


Fish move back into shallow areas 

FISHING at Grassholme continues to improve as the temperatures slowly fall, cooling the water and allowing the fish to move back into the shallow areas to feed much to the delight of float anglers who enjoyed good sport on the Dam Wall, in particular, with Yellow PowerBait Eggs tipped with worm proving the most popular bait.

New PowerBait Mousetails have been extremely successful, with Mrs J Carter netting a limit catch on a fluorescent red/natural variety to take 24lb from the disabled platform.

The vast majority of fish netted are of extremely good quality, with the average weight exceeding 2lb and many blue trout among the catch limits.

The west end of the reservoir near the bridge has also been a hotspot, with a number of limits coming from this area. The Dam Wall and north shore have also been very good areas, with a variety of methods - including ledgered baits, float-fished worm and spinners - proving successful.

Roving fly anglers have gained success from tempting fish moving back into the shallows with lures fished on a floating line. The best lure still proves to be Dawson's Olive and Pebble Beach is proving to be a hotspot for fly anglers.          

Best flies: Cat's Whisker, Orange Blob, Dawson's Olive.

Best baits: Fluorescent red/natural PowerBait Mousetails, Magic Dust, float-fished worm.

Best areas: West end, Dam Wall, north shore west end near bridge.


Ian nets four at 2lb 8oz-plus

RAINBOWS were spotted chasing pin fry at Hury last week and the slowly shortening days will trigger the need to feed in preparation for the colder months ahead.

As a result, lures such as a Cat's Whisker, Zonker, and Black and Silver Humongous fished on intermediate lines should be successful when you see this behaviour.

For action on the surface try a small Knotted Midge or Black Buzzers, which are abundant on upland fisheries or a Black Hopper or Daddy when the smaller patterns are ignored.

Many reported multiple fish in the 2lb to 3lb bracket. Ian Jopling caught four fish, all at 2lb 8oz-plus on Friday, while Hury regulars George Wind, Derek Carr and Malcolm Gowland had eight, seven and six fish, respectively, with not one below the 2lb mark.

Best flies: Black Fritz, Pheasant Tail Nymph, Black Hopper, Hare's Ear.

Best areas: Reedy Point, Newhouse Bay, south shore.


Charlie lands the fish of the week

ANOTHER mixed week of weather made fishing a challenge in terms of tactics to match the conditions.

During overcast days, fish have been in the top three-feet, making it ideal for fly and bait anglers.

With the increase in fresh water, tributary inlets have been very productive, mainly the Belling and Matthew's Linn. Small spinners have been worth a cast with ever increasing numbers of fry, which can be imitated by lures and small spinners,in the margins.

Many good catches were recorded for anglers prepared to move in search of areas offering the most suitable conditions.

Bait angler Charlie Goddard landed the largest fish of the week - a 5lb 4oz rainbow trout taken on PowerBait.

Fishing boats are still only £10 in the week and are available for hire from Leaplish Waterside Park from 8.30am until 7:30pm. Call 01434 251000 to book.

Bank permits are available from 6.00am at Leaplish Waterside Park.

Best flies: Yellow Dancer, Black Tadpole, Orange Blob.

Best baits: Worm and Orange PowerBait.

Best areas: Belling, Matthew's Linn, Hawkhope and Tower Knowe.


Shane bags a double-limit

THE week at Scaling Dam continued to be plagued by strong changing winds and several downpours, which helped cool the water temperature and encouraged fish to feed in abundance, with many anglers reporting limit bags.

Although mainly a week for the bait anglers, several fly anglers recorded decent catches.

Eric Gent from Middlesbrough enjoyed his day at the east end of the reservoir, catching nine fish, of which five were blue trout, returning four.

Shane Harrison fished the west end of the Dam Wall and caught his limit on worm with Betaine Green groundbait in a feeder, then bought a second permit at lunchtime and caught a further eight rainbows to end the day with 16.

For the second week in a row, the east end of the Dam Wall is the favourite spot for many anglers with both Mally Gill from Middlesbrough and Bill Wood from Ingleby Barwick taking eight fish limits by lunchtime on worm and PowerBait.

Sunday saw four visitors from Hartlepool - A Latherow, P Phenix, P Dixon and L Raywood - had a superb day's sport at the west end of the Dam Wall and all caught eight-fish limits on worm and Blue PowerBait.

Best Flies: Elk Hair Sedge, Kate Maclaren, Daddy.

Best baits: Worm, Spring Green Orange and Blue PowerBait, White Gulp Eggs, Spinners.

Best areas: Both ends of the Dam Wall.

Reports updated August 19


Dave nets 200 roach for 16lb

Dave Coster recorded the best catch with his first visit of the week to Whittle Dene, taking 200 roach for 16lb. On a subsequent outing, he landed 12lb of roach and skimmers.

Phil Rippon signed out a 5lb catch of roach and perch and S Jacques had a similar mix of 85 roach and 10 perch.

The Northern has been "alive" with small roach, whereas the Lower experienced more mixed catches of roach and skimmers.

The weekend saw cold nights and the water becoming clearer.

Sunday's Big Waters match was won by Barry Evans with 11 lb 8oz of pole-caught roach and skimmers.

Best baits: Casters.

Best method: Pole.

Best area: Southern

Great roach catches continue to be taken from the Dam Wall at Derwent Reservoir, with anglers catching between 30 and 55 roach to 25lb. K Robson took the best catch using the pole and maggot.

Some anglers remain reluctant to sign out. This is not only a fishery rule but is also for the benefit of fellow anglers.

Report updated August 19

Last updated: 2137 Tuesday August 26 2014.