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Winter permit prices and catch limits

UNTIL the end of the season, fishing times will be 9am until 3pm. To reflect the shorter hours, the price for a full permit has been cut to £16 for an increased catch limit of 10 fish and a family permit will also be reduced to £23 for 15 fish.


Doug takes another 10-fish limit bag

AFTER taking a 10 fish limit from the Meadow at Derwent Reservoir, last week, Doug Pearson returned to continue his foray along the north shore, this time venturing west of the sailing club, where he netted another 10-fish limit on ledgered PowerBait and Toby spinners.

Wayne Jopling and J Dane also headed north across the water and took eight each from Millshield. Sharp frosts can quickly chill the shallow water and long casts may be needed until temperatures rise later in the day.

Always consider using a swim feeder loaded with Magic Dust mixed and chopped worm as this increases scent in the water.

Spinning is also taking a few fish and the key to success is retrieving at the right depth and speed. Once cast, count the lure down and vary the retrieve until you get a positive response. Fly anglers should use the same method and be prepared to try several different areas as small shoals are constantly roaming the shore line.

Some areas will be closed on Sunday (November 16) for the reservoir's annual coarse fishing championships. For more information please contact the ranger office.

Best flies: Black/Green Nomad, Cat's Whisker, Silver Humungous.

Best baits: PowerBait Paste or Micetails with feeder and Magic Dust.

Best areas: The Meadow, west of the sailing club, Hunter House.


George nets brace of quality rainbows

AFTER mixed weather resulted in a lower angler turnout at Grassholme than was hoped, George Tyrer was delighted with a quality brace of rainbows, including a 4lb 8oz fully-finned prime specimen.

C Herbert was rewarded with some excellent sport, as was R Gough and R. Stoddart, who landed four prime fish each.

The majority of the fish have been tempted by ledgered PowerBait Eggs in conjunction with a swim feeder filled with Magic Dust fished close to the margins where a lot of good quality fish are still hunting for fry.

Anglers should be willing to walk a little further to fish virgin waters, which are still holding mature resident fish feeding on the shoaling fry in the margins. This is giving roving anglers the chance of some exceptional sport using Mepps, Toby and large lures.

Best flies: Cat's Whisker, Black Fritz, various large lures.

Best baits: Sunshine Yellow PowerBait, Orange Power Bait Eggs, worm.

Best areas: White post, Easter bay, disabled platform, west end car park.


Fish still feeeding up for the winter

IT was another great week's sport at Hury, as the cooling temperatures continue to keep fish feeding in preparation for the winter months.

The rod average was 4.7, with food resident fish in the 3lb to 4lb range landed on a regular basis, most of which are falling to large lures and fry style patterns.

The heaviest catch of the week once again was taken by Hury regular Derek Carr, who fished various areas along the north shore using a slow intermediate line. His chosen flies were a Dawson's variant and Kate Maclaren to take nine fish for 23lb, including three superbly conditioned rainbows of 4lb, 3lb 6oz and 3lb.

Whickham angler Simon Robinson enjoyed fine sport on Saturday. Simon went for the active approach and completed a full lap of the reservoir taking a nice 3lb rainbow and returning a further seven between 1lb 8oz and 2lb 8oz. His successful tactics were a fast glass line with a White Humungous on the point and Claret Dabblers on the droppers, with the majority of fish falling to the humungous.

J Waller and P Eastwood were the only two anglers to fish Hury on Friday and made the most of the free bank space, taking eight fish eachfor around 18lb in a five-hour session.

Best flies: Cat's Whisker, Dawson's Olive, White Humungous, Kate Maclaren.

Best areas: Disabled platform, Reedy Point, Corporal Hill, Newhouse Bay, west end. boil pipe.


Neil brings fish of the week to net 

THE biggest trout of the week at Kielder Water went to Neil Jones. Fishing worm from Hawkhope and Gordon's Walls, he landed a nice 2lb 2oz rainbow and a total catch of four for 6lb 11oz.

Boat anglers found the going a little harder but there was some success from the Quarry and into Plashetts and also at the tip of Whickhope.

Tower Knowe is now closed for the season, however, permits are available from 9am at Leaplish Waterside Park. Boats can be booked, weather permitting, on 01434 251000.

The fishery closes for the season on Friday (November 14).

Best flies: Clan Chief, Black Fritz.

Best baits: Worm, sweetcorn, Black Mepps.

Best areas: Boat - Plashetts, Whickhope. Bank - Hawkhope, Stockie Bay.


Richard has a bite per cast

A MIXED week of weather governed by strong winds and showers with occasional periods of sunshine kept the fish in deeper waters for most of the time.

Andy Moscrop from Loftus fly fished his way along the south shore and was rewarded with nine rainbows, three of which were safely returned along with a brown.

John H Magson from Middlesbrough had good sport fishing ledgered worm at the east ending his day with five rainbows.

Richard Warburton from Redcar fished his Loyalty Day permit. Using worm and PowerBait at the big tree in rough conditions, he had a bite every cast, taking home eight rainbows. He was confident he could have caught his 10 fish limit but decided eight fish of approximately 2lb each were heavy enough to carry home.

Best Flies: Black Hopper, Bibio, Black Spider.

Best baits: Spring Green PowerBait, worm.

Best areas: Big Tree, east end of the Dam Wall.

Reports updated November 11

Steve Wood with his stunning 26lb bag of roach to 1lb 4oz from Derwent Reservoir.
Steve Wood with his stunning 26lb bag of roach to 1lb 4oz from Derwent Reservoir


Steve records stunning catch of roach

ONLY the hardiest of anglers braved the cold blustery conditions at Whittle Dene this week.

Karl Brown was one well rewarded for his efforts, taking 68 roach and 12 gudgeon from the Northern using a waggler and maggot. R Thompson roach totalling 3lb taken from the Lower.

Most activity was seen on the Lower were lots of fish were shoaled on the farm bank.

Best baits: Maggot.

Best method: Waggler.

Best areas: Lower.

After opening all banks at Derwent Reservoir to coarse anglers, sport has impressed all those visiting, with good catches recorded in just short sessions.

Steve Wood took a 26lb catch of roach up to 1lb 4oz from the meadow area using the pole.

Many of these roach have yet to see a hook bait, so many areas, especially on the north side of the reservoir, are offering tremendous late season action.

On Sunday (November 16), Derwent Reservoir will be staging its annual coarse fishing championships. For more information and entry details contact: 01207 255250.

All catches must be recorded for the benefit of the fishery management team and fellow anglers.

Report updated November 11

Last updated 2037 Sunday November 16, 2014