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Olivia, 10, nets lovely 5lb rainbow

DERWENT Reservoir continues to fish exceptionally well, with many summer stock fish coming to the net as they begin to feed themselves for the onset of winter.

Most areas are fishing well, with the fish close to the margins and high in the water on most days. Pow Hill to Hunter House is fishing exceptionally well, with the point at Hunter House a particular hotspot, with several limit catches taken from this area.

On Saturday, fly angler C Ellison weighed in a bag of 24lb, including the biggest fish of the week at 6lb and Olivia Moody, aged 10, from Ryton, fishing with her dad, landed a well-conditioned 5lb rainbow on PowerBait.

Fly anglers have found the meadow a productive area, with a Dawson's Olive and Cat's Whisker working well, although muddlers and hoppers have also taken fish.

Three more tagged fish will be stocked this week.

Best flies: Cat's Whisker, Dawson's Olive, Yellow Blob, Black Hopper, Daddy.

Best baits: Yellow PowerBait Eggs and feeder, Flying C, Silver Toby.

Best areas: Pow Hill, Murray's Point, Hunter House, Meadow, Millshield.

Thomas Jarvis from Lemington landed a tagged blue trout at Fontburn to net the £200 sweepstake.
Thomas Jarvis from Lemington landed a tagged blue trout at Fontburn to net the 200 sweepstake.


Thomas lands tagged blue close to bank

ANOTHER unseasonably mild week saw superb sporting action during well-attended days at Fontburn.

Fly and bait anglers found that short casting and sticking to the margins produced the best results.

Bait anglers, who let bubble floats drift to within a couple of feet of the bank, reported catch after catch, whereas fly anglers fishing along margins teeming with minnows found lure patterns produced the best results.

Bait angler Ray Hardisty enjoyed his day on Monday, weighing in six for 14lb, including a 4lb 8oz rainbow.

Thursday saw some frenetic rod action, as 400 stocked fish livened up proceedings with an eventual rod average of six.

The outstanding form continued into the weekend when Thomas Jarvis from Lemington landed a tagged blue trout to claim the £200 sweepstake, fishing PowerBait and worm cocktail close to the bank on the north shore point. 

Best flies: Black Fritz and Humungous.                    

Best Baits: Green PowerBait Paste, worm, various spinners.  

Best areas: North shore - all areas.


Fish feeding aggressively in margins

AS October begins, conditions at Grassholme are near perfect for some late season action.

Trout are feeding aggressively in the margins in an attempt to gain weight for the winter and, as a result, anglers are being treated to outstanding sport. Thursday saw the rod average reach 6.7, with a healthy average of 3.7 for the week.

Spinners are producing fantastic results with a small Silver Toby the ideal imitation of the fry patrolling the margins where good numbers of fish are hunting.

Fly anglers are taking advantage with small dark or silver lures including a Humungous or Zonker with fritz patterns also a good bet to attract attention. In calm, mild conditions daddies and hoppers are still providing fantastic sport on the surface.

Ian Cook landed six, including the week's best fish - a fully-finned 4lb rainbow. Peter Doddsworth and his wife had an exceptional day, netting 12 for 24lb on their couple's permit. Ronnie Barker duplicated his great catch last week with a limit catch for 14lb 8oz on Chartreuse PowerBait Eggs.

Best flies: Daddies, Zonker, Humungous, Dawson's Olive.

Best baits: Worm, Chartreuse PowerBait Eggs, Silver Tobix Lure.

Best areas: Lodge bank, Dam Wall, white post.


Malcolm scores loyalty day limit 

CONDITIONS have been perfect for fly fishing at Hury, with quality trout brought to the net throughout the week.

George Wind took eight to 4lb 8oz for 20lb 4oz, one of which weight in at 4lb 8oz. Malcolm Gowland took 10 for 22lb on his loyalty day permit, returning three days later to take another eight-fish limit for 18lb.

L Carr landed four superb fish to 5lb 8oz.

Many more limit catches were recorded, pushing the rod average to almost four, with good numbers of fish between 2lb and 3lb included in catches.

Daddies or hoppers on the surface are still proving very effective and a Kate Maclaren and Bibio continue to work well beneath the surface, while a Cat's Whisker, Humungous or Zonker should tempt any fry feeding fish in the margins.

When fishing Hury at this time of the year anglers are strongly advised to give Reedy Point a visit as this is an ideal area to find shoaled fry and, as a result, bigger rainbows.

Best flies: Hoppers, daddies, Humungous, Cat's Whisker, Zulu.

Best areas: Reedy Point, disabled platform, boil.


Simon records best bag of the week

THERE will be no fishing at Kielder Water during this weekend's (October 4 and 5) Kielder Marathon.

Anglers who persevered had good results in this week's perfect late season conditions.

Those on boats had best results around Plashetts and the bay next to the wave chamber. Bank anglers had most success at the east end of the reservoir around Hawkhope and Gordon's Wall, with good returns from Stockie Bay.

The best trout of the week - a 4lb 7oz rainbow - was taken on worm by S Carrick who landed five for 11lb 4oz from the slipway at Hawkhope.

The biggest net of the week was recorded by Simon Palmer who had six for 12lb 3oz using Orange PowerBait off Gordon's Walls.

Tower Knowe Visitor Centre is open from 10am. Permits are also available from 6am at Leaplish Waterside Park. Boats can be booked on: 01434 251000.

Best flies: Clan Chief, Cat's Whiskers.

Best baits: Worm, Orange PowerBait.

Best areas: Boat - Plashetts. Bank - Hawkhope, Gordon's Walls.


Mark returns magnificent 3lb brown

BAIT anglers had an excellent week at Scaling Dam, with the east end bay and moorside the two most successful areas.

G Goldsbrough from Redcar had a frantic Monday morning in the east end bay, taking full advantage of his 10-fish loyalty limit on a worm and PowerBait cocktail. David Blissett, also from Redcar, took his eight fish limit on ledgered worm from the east end of the Dam Wall and Emma Holburn from Welbury had a fantastic day on the moorside, taking her limit at the big tree on worm and Orange PowerBait.

Fly angler Mark Hammond from Redcar worked the moorside and east end bay area with a Dawson's Olive and was rewarded with four rainbows and an excellent 3lb brown, which was safely returned.

More tagged fish to be introduced with this weeks stocking.

Best Flies: Cat's Whisker, Dawson's Olive.

Best baits: Orange / Pink PowerBait Eggs, Green PowerBait, worm.

Best areas: East end bay, moorside.

Reports updated September 30


One of top overall catches of season

With the mild weather continuing, the complex saw another healthy attendance and top sporting action.

C Goodall, who chose to fish the southern and opted for a maggot loaded feeder combined with a waggler indicator, reported one of the best overall catches of the 2014 season, with 74 roach and 10 perch haul.

Barry Evans and J Mitchell had mixed nets of 9lb 7oz and 8lb 10z, respectively.

Best baits: Maggot.

Best method: Pole and Waggler.

Best areas: Southern.

Mr Metcalfe was one of the few coarse anglers who fished Derwent Reservoir, netting 14lb of quality roach.

From 1 November all banks at Derwent reservoir will be open to coarse anglers.

All catches must be recorded for the benefit of the fishery management team and fellow anglers.

Report updated September 30

Last updated: 1551 Thursday October 2 2014.