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Home-tied fly takes fish of the week

A WELCOME return to cooler and fresher weather has seen sport dramatically improve at Derwent Reservoir, with13 limit catches recorded this past weekend.

Anglers report catching fish within 15 yards of the bank, with Murray's Point to the dam on the south shore and the Meadow to the dam on the north shore providing the best of the sport.

G Barton and Joe Carr each had limit catches for 17lb, while D Coulthard had the best for a total weight of 19lb.

J Tuff, fishing a home tied Dawson's Olive variant above the sailing club, landed the fish of the week - a 6lb rainbow.

Ledgered PowerBait eggs and Magic Dust is still the best method for bait rods, with spinning a close second.

Fly anglers are finding a Cat's Whisker with a slow retrieve or very small wet flies drifted round on the breeze are giving more positive takes as fish appear unwilling to chase at the moment.

Best flies: Cat's Whisker, Black and Peacock Spider, William's Favourite.

Best baits: Chartreuse PowerBait Eggs, Magic Dust, Silver Toby.

Best areas: Murray's Point to the dam, the Meadow to the valve tower.


Switch of tactics works for Peter

FRESHER conditions this week brought a welcome boost to rod averages at Fontburn, as fish continue feeding in shallow water and around feeder streams after occasional showers.

Those anglers who changed tactics and were prepared to move recorded the best catches.

Peter Stainthorpe was finding ledgering a little slow and, after spotting trout chasing minnows and fry in the margins, changed his set to match.

Fishing with a lure, he enjoyed instant action, resulting in a fine limit catch of rainbows for 15lb 10oz.

Paul Dodds had a limit catch of rainbows for 13lb 12oz on Swimfeeder and PowerBait tactics in the North Shore Bay; Jim Black landed six rainbows and a blue for 13lb 15oz, including a 3lb 3oz best fish; C Smith had seven rainbows for 15lb; and T Clayton took a fine brace - one at 3lb and one at 4lb

Best flies: Black Pennell, Daddy Long Legs, Cat's Whisker.

Best baits: Toby style Lures, Spinners, Ledgered Chartreuse PowerBait Eggs.

Best areas: North shore bay, feeder stream inlets.


Ian records catch of the week 

THE overcast and cool conditions with some heavy showers freshened up sport at Grassholme, giving an influx of fresh water and boosting catch returns.

Ian MacKinnon recorded the biggest fish of the week a fine fully finned rainbow of 6lb 12oz taken on Dawson Olive fishing near the valve tower. Ian also landed another seven rainbows to complete a limit catch for 24lb. N Marsdon and S Duffin each weighed in eight-fish catches at 21lb.

Anglers have reported that the trout are feeding close into margins chasing fry and minnows. Bait anglers using small Toby lures and small Mepps spinners cast into this feeding frenzy have enjoyed some great sport.

Fly anglers also enjoyed some arm wrenching sport targeting the close-in feeding trout, with a Dawson Olive or a Cat's Whisker on a floating line producing the best results.

Best flies: Daddies, Knotted Midge, Cat's Whisker, Dawson Olive.

Best baits: Green Worms, Pink and White PowerBait Mouse Tails, Mepps spinners.

Best areas: Lodge Bank, Dam Wall, White Post.


Anglers enjoy great dry fly sport

THE fresher weather conditions this week coupled with an influx of cool oxygenated water has stimulated a feeding frenzy at Hury.

Anglers report good numbers of rising fish that have been eager to take their imitative patterns. Trout have been caught on a variety of dry flies and nymphs fished subsurface on a washing line set up.

M Gowland had a tremendous days sport, taking an eight for 24lb andr D Carr landed eight for 17lb 8oz.

Best flies: Hoppers, Daddies, Sedge patterns, Buzzers, Crunchers.

Best areas: Reedy point and the south shore.


Excellent late summer sport

KIELDER Water has been in fine form, providing bait and fly anglers with some excellent late summer sport.

Bank rods have taken their best catches from the peninsula at Stockie Bay and near to Leaplish bay. The trout can be seen chasing fry in the margins so spinners and fly fry patterns cast along the bank into the shallows have done well.

Fly rods have also had success using sedge and hoppers on a floating line.

Boat anglers have had their best catches from the western end of the reservoir, using a variety of tactics with mini lures boobies and cormorants working well.

Bait anglers fishing from the boats have reported excellent sport to small Mepps- type spinners fished close to the bank.   

Boats can be booked by calling Leaplish on 01434 251000.

Best flies: Viva Booby, Orange Blob, Black Hopper.

Best baits: Worm, Green PowerBait, Red Mepps spinner.

Best areas: Boat - Gowanburn, Whickhope. Bank - Stockie Bay, Leaplish.


Arthur lands superb 5lb brown

THE east end of Scaling Dam has been the hotspot for both bait and fly anglers.

Mally Gill from Middlesbrough and Bill Wood from Eaglescliffe had another excellent day, quickly catching their eight-fish limits from the east end wall using a combination of ledgered worm and PowerBait.

Jake Dale from Stokesly also fished the east end of the wall on Sunday and, using the same tactics, recorded a fine eight- fish limit.

Andy Moscrop from Loftus enjoyed two visits this week, on Thursday he landed six and on Sunday he caught eight fish, returning four. He was using Hoppers and Elk hair Sedge patterns

A Southworth, who was visiting the area, had a cracking day working his way along the Moor bank, catching two rainbows, two browns and a blue, returning a further six to end his day with 11.

The best fish of the week was a super conditioned 5lb brown trout - part of a four-fish catch taken from the dam wall by Arthur Biggs from Redcar on ledgered worm.

Best flies: Black Hopper, Elk Hair Sedge, Daddy Longlegs.

Best bait: Worm, Yellow and Green PowerBait, Magic Dust.

Best areas: East end dam wall, Big Tree and the Timber Groyne.

Reports updated September 11


Vince wins WaterAid match

VINCE Dack won the annual WaterAid match at Whittle Dene with 11lb 2oz of skimmers caught on the feeder from the north end. Jim Harris was second with 9lb 4oz and Dave Pearson third with 7lb.

There was an excellent turnout of saw 29 anglers fishing in the match, which was held at the Lower and raised £145 for the charity.

Despite the hard conditions and distracting wind, decent catches were recorded. It was mainly a feeder match, as the strong southerly wind made it difficult to pole fish for most competitors. £145 was raised for the charity.

Vince picked up £180 plus an £80 tackle voucher from Hardy and Greys and a Whittle Dene season permit from Northumbrian Water.  

The remainder of the week was highlighted by B Evans who recorded a 15lb mixed catch of roach, perch and gudgeon and J Mitchell who had a 7lb mixed catch.

Best baits: Casters.

Best method: Waggler.

Best areas: Lower.

Some anglers remain reluctant to sign out. This is not only a fishery rule but is also for the benefit of fellow anglers.

Report updated September 2

Last updated: 1311 Monday September 15 2014.