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Kevin nets best fish of the week

THE warmer weather pushed fish deep and, despite continued stocking, they remained lethargic. However, there was good sport between Pow Hill and Hunter House, with Kevin Fletcher from Wolsingham landing four, including the biggest fish of the week at 4lb. D Wilson and T Ashbridge each had eight for 15lb using PowerBait.

Bait anglers had best results with ledgered Orange Mice-tails, with anglers racing in the mornings to be the first to reach the point at Hunter House.

Fly anglers are casting to an abundance of rising fish feeding on small surface flies as well as water-borne insects after 5pm most days. The best patterns for these have been either buzzers and nymphs fished under a bung or dry flies drifted on the surface.

Best flies: Buzzers, Damsel Nymph, Black and Peacock Spider, Bibio, Viva, Nomad.

Best Baits: Orange Mice-tails with Magic Dust, Gold Toby, Mepps.

Best areas: Pow Hill, Hunter House, Cronkley, Meadow, North Bank.


Ethan, 12, lands personal best rainbow

In a week of mainly bright warm days interspersed with a couple of days of persistent rain, anglers at Fontburn used a variety of tactics to record good catches. Float-fished natural worm or Mice Tails worked well near feeder streams, whereas ledger or spinning tactics were most effective on brighter days, with early mornings and late afternoons the best times to find active fish.

Barry Wilson had an early start last Friday, switching between ledger and fly to record the heaviest catch of the week, with eight for d 24lb 12oz, including four fish over 3lb and one at 4lb 8oz, using Chartreuse PowerBait Eggs; Barry also returned two taken on the fly.

John Hall landed the fish of the week - a 5lb 3oz rainbow – using ledgered Orange PowerBait to top off an eight-fish limit catch for 23lb 6oz. John Rollin used the same bait and method in the South Shore Bay to land one of 4lb 14oz cracker and 12-year-old Ethan Shergold accounted for the bulk of his family’s nine-fish catch that included a personal best 3lb rainbow caught on float-fished Yellow Mice Tails near the North Shore burn.

It was a happy birthday for Karl Slater, who opted to spend the day in the sunshine, netting six for 16lb 12oz on ledger and spinning tactics.

Best flies: Dawson’s Olive, Black Zonker, Peter Ross, Black Ant.

Best Baits: Brown and Red Mice-tails, Chartreuse or Orange PowerBait Eggs.

Best areas: North Shore Feeder Stream and Dam Wall.


Ian lands two wild brown trout

GOOD numbers of anglers enjoyed walking the entire four miles around Hury in pursuit of the feeding fish. Several said that changing their methods often and alternating from worm to Spinner and PowerBait greatly improved their catch rates.

Almost every angler caught fish in good numbers at the start of the week. Wednesday and Thursday saw plenty of limit catches with the north bank and the sheltered bays along the south bank, as well as the west end, producing great sport and fish of 3lb-plus. The bright weather at the weekend sent the fish deeper, with float-fished worm on a long trace proving effective.

C Fall tempted the best fish at 4lb 4oz using worm, Mick and Sharon McKimm had 10 fish using float and then ledger and, on Sunday, Ian Clark had six rainbows and two wild browns. The Errington family had nine fish to 3lb.

Best flies: Dawson’s Olive, Cats Whisker.

Best Baits: Float-fished Worm, ledgered PowerBait Eggs, Mice-tails and spinners.

Best areas: Dam Wall, White Post and sheltered bays.


Calm nights bring fantastic rises

THERE was good top-of-the-water sport at Hury this week with lots of midges and some signs of heather fly on the water. The best method has been to use dry flies or teams of traditional wets pulled through the waves. In brighter conditions, the fish went deeper and Dawson’s Olive and Cats Whisker on varied retrieves produced good catches.

As in previous weeks, changing conditions meant changing techniques and methods which, if nothing else, keept anglers on their toes. Warm weather means the fish are looking for oxygenated water at inlets and the boil and deeper water, so it is worth bearing this in mind when choosing where to fish.

Calm evenings have seen some fantastic rises across the reservoir and any dark dry fly should bring rewards.

Best flies: Dawson’s Olive, Bibio, Black Popper Hopper.

Best areas: The boil, Newhouse Bay, Corporal Hill.


Jane lands cracking 5lb 2oz rainbow

GOOD quality rainbows of 3lb-plus have featured in the returns at Kielder Water in a week when the rod average hit 2.2. The heaviest fish of the week was a cracking 5lb 2oz rainbow taken on a Gold Head Hare’s Ear Nymph by Mrs Jane Scott from Rothbury, whowas fly fishing at Leaplish.

Boat anglers enjoyed good top-of-the-water sport in Whickhope and off Scotch Rocks. Anglers fishing a team of flies, with a floating fry, Daddy or Muddler on the top dropper had the best results. Nymphs and lures fished below these patterns have also taken fish.

A large number of minnows and fry have been seen close to the shore on warmer days and trout have been actively feeding on them. Anglers targeting those fish using large fish imitating lures or spinners have enjoyed exciting sport, with the trout chasing their lures and taking them close to the bank or boat.

Boats must be back at the jetty for 7pm

Best flies: Orange Muddler, Blobs, Montana, Minkies.

Best Bait: Powerbait and Worm.

Best areas. Boat: The Belling Inlet, Whickhope and Scotch Rocks. Bank: Stocky Bay, Leaplish


George rewarded for his ‘loyalty’

IT was a rollercoaster of a week at Scaling Dam, changing conditions affecting wind, pressure and temperatures, all of which kept the fish in deeper waters for most of the time.

However, in calmer conditions, trout could often be seen rising to the surface all around the reservoir.

Bait and fly anglers had to work hard and those who kept on the move and changed bait and flies regularly had the best results.

George Houston from Guisborough, fishing a loyalty day permit, landed nine from the east end of the reservoir using ledgered baits; Dave Ward from Middlesbrough landed an eight-fish limit on ledgered and float-fished baits around the jetty area; and Tommy Johns from Brotton, fishing a catch-and-release permit, worked his way along the south shore and east bay returning seven rainbows, two of which were estimated to be 3lb-plus, in an afternoon session.

Best flies: Invicta, Black Nymph, Kate Maclaren.

Best Bait /Lures: Worm, Green or Yellow and Blue- Mango Powerbait, Pink or White Mice Tail.

Best areas: East end, Jetty.

Reports updated August 27



Better weather, better fishing


IT was an excellent week’s coarse fishing at the Whittle Dene Complex, as the weather improved and the wind fell, producing catches of up to 20lb of skimmers on feeder and pole tactics.


One of the best catches was 14lb 8oz from Mr Turnbull, with returns of 10lb and 9lb 11oz from B Evans and J Mitchell, respectively. J Parkinson signed out a 14lb 6oz catch of skimmers, which also featured in the catches of S Nodd (13lb 12oz) and Steve Jacques (6lb). J Gallagher had two perch and four gudgeon from the Southern, whereas R Thompson took 15 skimmers with maggot and feeder tactics.


Sunday’s match on the Lower saw Jamie Stephenson (Aldin Grange) win with 9lb 7oz of skimmers caught on the long range feeder from the farm bank. Nick Jose (Cleveland Angling Centre) was second with 8lb 14oz of skimmers taken on the same tactics from the tree bank. Steve Jacques (Morpeth) was third with 8lb 12oz of skimmers, also on feeder.


Sport was better earlier in the week with less wind. Anglers were catching up to 20lb weights of skimmers on the feeder. The pole was also working well, with catches up to 15lb.


Best baits: Maggot.


Best method: Feeder.


Best areas: Lower.


The few returns from Derwent Reservoir showed catches of between 6lb and 12lb, with Mr. J Turner taking the best catch of roach and perch.

Report updated August 27

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