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New permit proves popular

THERE was an excellent start to the season at Derwent Reservoir with more than 500 anglers taking advantage of the excellent sport on offer.

The introduction of the new fly catch-and-release permit proved very popular, producing excellent sport and receiving positive feedback from anglers.

Most of the south side of the reservoir has fished well, with Pow Hill to Hunter House and the first fence the stand out areas for bait anglers. Fly anglers found large pockets of fish on the boundary with the nature reserve, the Bay of Plenty, Millshields and the Meadow, with bright lures with a figure-of-eight retrieve working well.

Dennis Crow caught the first £200 tagged fish of the season at Pow Hill using Yellow PowerBait Eggs. Doug Pearson from Consett took the second – one of eight fish he caught – next to the first fence on a mix of PowerBait Eggs and Mice Tails.

Mr Whaley had two great days over the opening weekend, catching 22lb on Saturday and 27lb 8oz on Sunday on his free Loyalty Day permit. Bob Emerson brought one of 8lb 2oz –the biggest to date – using Garlic PowerBait Paste.

Best flies: Cat’s Whisker, Dawson’s Olive, Black Fritz, Orange Fritz.

Best Baits: PowerBait Mice Tails and Magic Dust, Yellow or Orange PowerBait Eggs.

Best areas: Pow Hill to Hunter House, First Fence, Sailing Club, Millshields, Meadow.



Two tagged fish brought to the net


Mixed weather conditions dominated proceedings at Fontburn, presenting an early season challenge for bait and fly anglers. Those who took heed of the conditions and fished into the winds, favouring ledger rigs and larger lures, reported the best sport and good returns.


With water temperatures yet to rise, fish stayed close to the bottom and fed sporadically throughout the week.


C Keeley weighed in the fish of the week – a 7lb 8oz rainbow – on opening Saturday with a 7lb 8oz stunner. Lee Bradley also enjoyed the opening day, recording one of two £200 tagged fish caught through the week and weighing in an eight-fish limit for 16lb total. Scott Miller landed the second tagged fish using a ledgered PowerBait Mice Tail from the Dam Wall into a strong westerly wind.


Raymond Hardisty from Chester-le-Street, using his free Loyalty Day permit, weighed in a 10-fish limit for the week’s best bag at 20lb.


Rod averages peaked on a well attended opening weekend, with Saturday seeing 50 anglers weigh in 176 fish. On Sunday 20 hardy anglers took home 76 fish.


Best flies: Cat’s Whisker and Humungous.


Best Baits: PowerBait Mice Tails and Magic Dust.


Best areas: All areas.

Gordon Hodgson with a fine Grassholme rainbow just short of 9lb.
Gordon Hodgson with a fine Grassholme rainbow just short of 9lb.



Big rainbows brought to the net


AFTER a cool, cloudy start to the season, with an unproductive east wind, the weather improved later in the week to produce excellent fishing.


A highlight of the sport to date has been the large number of “big rainbows” coming to the net with dozens of fish over 3lb and several approaching double figures landed.


G Dixon had the fish of the week at 10lb 6oz, whereas Gordon Hodgson from Bishop Auckland had an eight-fish limit, including one approaching 9lb taken on Pink PowerBait Eggs.


Limit catches were recorded on the north bank near the white post, however, with the wind direction changeable, the best results seem to have come from anglers who were willing to use roaming tactics.


Many of the fish have been located close to the shore line taking advantage of slightly warmer water, so a short cast has offered best results.


Best flies: Black Fritz, Orange Fritz.


Best Baits: Yellow or Orange Sparkle PowerBait Eggs.


Best areas: North bank next to the white post, most other areas fishing well.



Season gets off to an outstanding start


DESPITE the weather, Hury has had an exceptional start to the season with good numbers of fish in the 2lb to 4lb range brought to the net in addition two fish just under 10lb, which were returned.


One of the most notable statistics from the start of the season is the rod average of 5.6, with the majority of anglers using the new fly catch-and-return permit.


N Simpson released to 5lb, while K Young and S Young returned 27 and 23, respectively. Malcolm Goland netted one just short of 10lb, which he put back safely.


Most fish were taken on lures, with a Dawson’s Olive the stand out fly, although a large variety of flies have worked well, as the well-conditioned fish seem keen to take anything moving in the water.


Best flies: Dawson’s Olive, Black Fritz, Orange Fritz, Bibio, Black Spider.


Best areas: Most areas fishing well.



Boat angler lands best fish of the week


SEVEN boat anglers braved the cold conditions on the opening day of the season at Kielder.


Shallow water and bays provided the best sport to date, with fish take advantage of the slightly warmer water in these locations.


The heaviest fish caught over the first nine days was recorded by boat angler S Gibson, who netted a rainbow of 3lb 12oz on worm. Paul Evans landed rainbows of 3lb and 3lb 2oz from the slipway at Hawkhope on worm and sweet corn.


The majority of early season bank anglers have been successful at Hawkhope, Tower Knowe and Little Whickhope.


Tower Knowe Visitor Centre will open for the new season on  from 10am to 4pm on Saturday. Fishing permits, Environment Agency rod licences, fishing tackle and bait will be available. The Cafe on the Water at Tower Knowe will also open On Saturday.


Best flies: Green Blob, various lures, pearl bodied fritz, Gold Bead Tadpole.


Best Bait /Lures: Ledgered worm and sweet corn, Black and Red Mepps.


Best areas. Bank: Hawkhope, South Abutment, Little Whickhope. Boat: The Belling.



Fish found in shallow water and margins


IT WAS a bitter cold start to the season on top of the North Yorkshire Moors, with an east wind that often renders fish inactive. However, that did not stop anglers locating feeding fish at the east end of the reservoir, with 103 fish caught on opening weekend.


Good numbers of fish in the 3lb to 4lb range have been landed throughout the week often in very shallow waters and the margins.


Both bait and fly anglers recorded great catches. David Dandy from Middlesbrough fishing at the east end, had eight for 19lb using a Red Honey Worm. Mr and Mrs M K Scott from Whitby also fished the east end next to the overflow area using both bait and landed 11 rainbows in total.


Two four-pounders were brought to the net. One was landed  at the west end of the Dam Wall on ledgered worm and PowerBait by Mark Underwood from Redcar and Mark Hammond, also from Redcar, took the second on an Orange Fritz along the south shore.


Best flies: Black/Orange Fritz, Dawson’s Olive, Viva.


Best Bait/Lures: Red Honey Worm, Orange/Spring Green PowerBait, worm.


Best areas: East end of the Dam Wall, south shore.


Reports updated March 26



Malcolm nets first plaudits of season


A COOL and unsettled start to spring has made for some challenging times at Whittle Dene complex, with anglers working very hard to stimulate swims and record  good returns, although who persisted and used “heavy” feeding tactics, have encouraging nets.


K Robson reported the first substantive catch of spring a 5lb 8oz net of roach, gudgeon and skimmers.


This year’s first weekend match has also taken place with 10 hardy anglers recording some noteworthy catches. The top three anglers were: 1, Malcolm Wilkinson: 7lb 12oz; 2, John Parkinson: 4lb 12oz; 3, Steve Wood: 3lb 12oz.


Best baits: Maggot.


Best method: Pole and feeder.


Best areas: Lower.


There were no reports from coarse anglers at Derwent Reservoir.


Anglers must sign out and record their catch for the benefit of the fishery and other fishers.


Report updated March 24 

Kielder to host Scierra Pairs heat

KIELDER Water and Lockwood Beck have been confirmed as venues for this year's Scierra Pairs heats.

Anglers vying for the highest prize fund in British competition fly-fishing will converge on Kielder on Saturday, May 9 and will fish Lockwood the following day.

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