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Colin nets 17 over two visits

THE stream beside the disabled platform at Derwent Reservoir has again been a magnet for fish, with Colin Boughey taking nine to 4lb 8oz for 20lb 8oz at the start of the week and returning on Wednesday to net a further eight at the stream inflow using Green and Orange PowerBait Eggs with a worm sandwiched in-between.

The cold snap at the end of the week appears to have moved the fish away from the cooler inflowing water but has also put the bigger fish on the prowl with several anglers reporting losing big fish.

Ken Thompson and David Wafer only fished four hours but took some nice fish from east of Millshield with the best 4lb 4oz.

Silver Tobies are still taking occasional fish as is a chain bead Silver Humungous and the milder air this week should provide anglers with a final opportunity to net a few fish and possibly one of those whoppers roaming the shoreline.

The end of season competition will be held Saturday (November 28). There is an £18 entry fee.

Best flies: Silver Humungous, Zonker, Orange Blob.

Best baits: PowerBait Eggs and worm cocktail.

Best areas: Between the fences on the south shore, Millshield to Cronkley.


Jeff braves rain to net quality trout

HIGH wind and rain battered Grassholme through the week, turning to snow at the weekend. Anglers who braved the cold found sport challenging with fish refusing to feed and heading deep due to the big change in the water temperatures.

Jeff Walsh refused to let the bad weather dampen his spirits, taking three decent fish from the boat jetty on a very wet Wednesday.

Hopefully this week we will get some milder weather bringing the fish back into the margins to feed ready for the fishery’s end of season competition on Sunday (November 29), with £50 added to the pot for the heaviest fish.

Best flies: Dawson’s Olive, Cat’s Whisker, Orange Blob.

Best Baits: Mepps, Chartreuse PowerBait Eggs.

Best areas: Witch’s Hat, boat jetty.

Report updated November 23.

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