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Eric lands eight for 17lb

THE week at Derwent Reservoir began terribly, with some days seeing only a handful of fish coming to the net.

However, a dramatic turnaround midweek resulted in some outstanding sport later in the week and into the weekend, especially when cloud cover encouraged fish to the surface.

Bait anglers such as Eric Gale took eight fish for 17lb with the bank in front of the trees at Pow Hill now exposed as water levels fall, offering some great sport. The Dam Wall also continues to fish well and Wayne Jopling was again on hand to pick up a seven fish catch using a variety of Toby and Mepps spinners.

Thursday and Friday offered fly anglers some of the best sport of the season on the north bank near the Tower. Anglers focused their attention on small orange patterns which seemed to be irresistible. Some anglers returned up to 25 fish in these sessions, although by the weekend most of these fish had dispersed.

Cronkley and Henry's Plantation fished well over the weekend with the latter offering an ideal summer retreat with hatches from the nearby plantation and deep, cool water holding large numbers of fish.     

Best flies: Flame Dabbler, Dunkeld, Kate Maclaren, Bibio, Black Buzzer, Shuttlecock Buzzer, Black Halo Buzzer, Alder, Hare's Ear.

Best baits: Chartreuse PowerBait Eggs, float fished worm, Silver Toby.

Best areas: Bait; Oak tree in front of trees, Murray's Point, Dam Wall. Fly; North bank, Henry's Plantation.

Nine-year-old Adam Holland at Fontburn with his first-ever fish - a 2lb rainbow.
Nine-year-old Adam Holland at Fontburn with his first-ever fish - a 2lb rainbow.


Adam, nine, lands his first fish

INCREASED humidity and some scorching days combined with steadily dropping water levels pushed margin water temperatures into the high teens at Fontburn this week and created a challenging environment for bait and fly anglers alike.

Bait anglers favouring longer casts, ledger tactics and PowerBait reporting the best sport, whereas fly anglers had some joy keeping on the move and changing patterns to target rises.

Rod averages spiked at over six fish per angler on Wednesday with some superb early morning sport providing some real excitement. No one was more delighted than bait angler Barry Knight who claimed the fish of the week - a 6lb rainbow.

Thursday continued to provide excellent report, with K Fairbairn landing his eight fish catch limit for 24lb inside three hours.

With the holiday season now upon us the weekend saw a healthy number of juniors enjoying angling. Adam Holland, aged nine, from Hadston caught his first-ever fish - a 2lb rainbow trout - and Riley Ballance, aged six, had 2lb blue trout. Both were fishing from the north shore.  

Best flies: Cat's Whisker and Hot Tailed Dawson's Olive.

Best baits: Orange PowerBait eggs and worm.

Best areas: North shore bay.


Best sport found in deeper water 

WITH warm temperatures throughout the week and water temperature remaining high, the fish at Grassholme are moving into deeper water to find the coolest spots.

Anglers fishing the Dam Wall had the most success. with easy access to the depths with just a short cast.

Keith Smith and Charlie Wheatley found this as they moved onto the Dam after not getting a bite beside the disabled platform. Keith caught 10 on his ‘Loyalty Day' permit using ledgered Chartreuse PowerBait Eggs and Charlie caught seven rainbows, all averaging, around the 2lb mark using Orange and Pink PowerBait Eggs.

Jeff Walsh from Stockton caught eight to 3lb for 17lb at the west end of the reservoir using Orange Gulp Eggs and worm cocktail fished under a float.   

Andrew Marsden had a good evening sport on the fly, catching his eight-fish limit using a Dawson's Olive Gold Head on a floating line on the north bank near the white post.

Peter Doddsworth caught the heaviest fish of the week weighing in at 5lb fishing next to the boat ramp using Pink PowerBait on a ledger.

Best flies: Black Fritz, Dawson's Olive, Black Gnat, Pheasant Tail Nymph, Kate Maclaren and Bibio.

Best baits: Pink or Chartreuse PowerBait Eggs, Magic Dust, float fished worm.

Best areas: Dam Wall, white post, west end, deeper areas.


Rod average holds despite conditions

ANOTHER fantastic week at Hury has seen the rod limit hold just shy of three despite the bright sunshine.

Intermediate lines with a Bibio, Kate Maclaren and Bloodworm have been the favoured tactic for many through the bright afternoons as the fish retreat from the bright sunlight.

However, everything can change on an evening as the sun sinks behind the Dam Wall of Blackton and the fish rise to the surface to feed on terrestrial flies. Knotted Midges and Black Gnats are great options for this time of day as Phil Tindale from Durham found when he switched from a Cat's Whisker pulled sub surface to a slowly retrieved Black Gnat on a floating line. Phil was casting to the left of the boil to take his four-fish Credit Cruncher limit on Wednesday evening after a frustrating afternoon.

W Harvey and Derek Carr both had an action packed session on Monday morning taking catch limits weighing 19lb 8oz and 18lb, respectively, while P J Barnes had success with a Black CdC, catching five fish and returning four in just a few hours on Saturday morning.

Best flies: Kate Maclaren, Black Gnat, Dawson's Olive, Bibio, Sedgehog.

Best areas: White post, west end boil, Newhouse Bay.

Kielder Water ranger Lee Hollings with one of the larger rainbows that are being stocked.
Kielder Water ranger Lee Hollings with one of the larger rainbows that are being stocked.


Permits now available from 6am

WITH water temperatures rising steeply fish have been more active in the mornings and evenings. To reflect this the start time for bank anglers has been brought forward and anglers can now buy permits from 6am.

Bank anglers have had the best sport near Scotch Rocks and Hawkhope fishing on the bottom with ledgered worm or PowerBait. Boat anglers have had good sport at Gowanburn, past Mathew's Linn, whilst fishing a static nymph on an intermediate line.

Some larger fish of between 4lb and 6lb have been stocked.

The price of mid week boats to £10 to provide anglers with the opportunity to fish in the deeper summer retreats where many of the bigger fish reside.

Tower Knowe Visitor Centre is now open from 10am every morning for both permits and fishing tackle. Permits are also available from 7am at Leaplish Waterside Park.

Boats can be booked in advance by calling Leaplish on 01434 251000

Best flies: Tadpole, Orange Blob, Gold Head Montana Nymph.

Best baits: Worm, small spinners

Best areas: Boat - Plashetts, Gowanburn. Bank - Gordon's Walls, Hawkhope.


Michael scores 'a first' for Scaling

OCCASIONALLY both ends of the Dam at Scaling have had some great results this week but for most part the south shoreline and the east bay have been the best areas, especially for the fly anglers who have had some excellent results.

On Monday, Dickie Warburton from Redcar fished the east end of the Dam Wall on ledgered worm and PowerBait and landed six rainbows for 14lb.

On Wednesday, Derek Ogden from Redcar worked his way along the south shore following a shoal, using a Brown Cormorant on a floating line to land 12, returning four.

On Thursday, Michael Adams from Billingham sat patiently on the west end of the Dam Wall and using a combination of ledgered maggot and worm to land seven brown trout, which is a "first" for Scaling.

On Sunday, Clark Mondel from Middlesbrough worked his way along the south shore to the east bay and landed10, returning four, all on Kate Maclaren.

The biggest fish of the week was a respectable 4lb 8oz, which was tempted by a Black Hopper on the south shore by Andy Moscrop from Loftus.  

Scaling are now running a daily competition with a prize of a Credit Cruncher £16 permit given each day. The winner will be the angler with the biggest fish weighed in each day by 4pm and is open to all anglers.

Best Flies: Brown Cormorant, Kate Maclaren, Black Hopper, Elk Hare Sedge.

Best baits: Worm, maggot, spinners, PowerBait cocktail.

Best Areas: South shore, east bay.

Reports updated July 24


Derwent produces quality and quantity

THE popularity of Whittle Dene continues, with 51 anglers enjoying the form as the exciting sport of recent weeks continued.

Numerous standout catches were topped C Goorall who enjoyed a superb session on the Lower, eventually netting 22lb of roach and numerous skimmers on the tip. He favoured the waggler as he located a lively swim and took advantage of strong numbers of feeding fish.

Further catches of 15lb and above were the rule rather than the exception as the complex continued to provide top sport, despite some challenging conditions. Catches of perch, gudgeon and bream and common carp were also noted in healthy numbers throughout the week.

Best baits: Maggot.

Best method: Waggler and pole.

Best areas: Northern and Lower.

Anglers continue top be amazed by the size, quality and quantity of roach at Derwent Reservoir, with more catches between 30lb and 45lb recorded.

K Robinson had more than 100 roach for 45lb and another catch of 35lb later in the week. J Parkinson netted 78 roach on the pole, with fish reported in deeper areas of the Dam Wall where roach have shoaled along with a growing number of perch.

Anglers fishing the coarse waters must sign in and out and inform the fishery Rangers of their catch. This is for the benefit of fellow anglers and fishery management.

Report updated July 14

Last updated: 1319 Thursday July 24 2014.