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Loyalty rewarded with limit catches

ANGLING at Derwent Reservoir continues in the same productive vein as last week, with Hunter House and the point to the east still the red hot marks with limit catches regularly netted, mostly to ledgered methods.

Spinning using a variety of lures is also very productive, especially for the roving angler with the area in front of the willows at Pow Hill being particularly good.

J Gallager and I Lister landed Loyalty Day permit 10-fish limits for 19lb 8oz and 18lb 12oz, respectively.

Fly anglers enjoyed good sport on the Meadow, where large lures and fritz patterns proved very popular. Ian Whale landed four to 3lb 8oz from this area, with C Ellison landing six.

During October, the fishery will open at 7.30am.

Best flies: Mini Cats Whisker, Black Fritz, Silver Humungous.

Best baits: Yellow or Chartreuse PowerBait, Silver Toby or Red Flying ‘C'.

Best areas: Hunter House, Oak Tree, Millshield, Meadow.


Keith bucks the trend to earn £200

IT WAS a testing week for anglers at Fontburn, as unsettled weather muddied waters, pushing shoals into deeper swims.

Anglers who were positive as well as creative - trying differing tactics and keeping on the move reported good sport.

Bait anglers who went on the attack, making use of feeders packed with Magic Dust, as well as combined baits of brightly coloured PowerBait and worm, saw improved returns.

Keith Rickman was one such hard working angler and had a day to remember on Saturday, bucking the trend to land six, including a £200 tagged sweepstake winner. Keith made his own luck by going all out with a feeder rig, incorporating a cocktail of Chartreuse and Pink PowerBait Eggs.

On Tuesday, bait angler Jimmy Hui and fishing partner Tommy Gibbons worked hard for a combined total of seven for 18lb, with Jimmy landing the fish of the week, a nicely conditioned 3lb 8oz rainbow trout.

Tommy and Jimmy also favoured feeders and brightly coloured baits popped up off the bottom. During October, the fishery will open at 7.30am.

Best flies: Orange Fritz, Cat's Whisker.                     

Best Baits: Chartreuse and Pink PowerBait Eggs and Magic Dust in a swimfeeder.

Best areas: North shore bay.


Michael bags up twice from dam wall

COUNDON angler Michael McKimm was on fine form at Grassholme on Saturday, fishing the south corner of the Dam Wall to land two limit catches to 3lb using  ledgered Orange PowerBait Eggs tipped with.

Easter Bay continued to hold fish and angler John Buchanan took the biggest fish of the week with a very nice 4lb 9oz rainbow, which was part of his eight-fish catch limit using a combination of a Cat's Whiskers and a Claret Dabbler on a slow glass intermediate line.

The west end car park bank fished well in the early part of the week thanks to the easterly winds and some good catches were taken around the second bridge with spinners proving effective.

During October the fishery will open at 7.30am.

Best flies: Cat's Whisker, various traditional wet flies, Orange Blob.

Best baits: Bubblegum White Micetails, Orange PowerBait Eggs, worm.

Best areas: Dam wall, Easter bay.


Keith and Mel enjoy great sport

FISH have remained very high in the water at Hury this week and even on the windiest of days and anglers have had superb sport on the surface.

Dry fly tactics have been effective when conditions allowed but the most consistent results have been to use lures and wet flies pulled through the wave producing great action as the fish have been more than willing to chase.

Keith James and Mel Gill both took their catch limits for around 17lb during the week from the north shore.

The area around the disabled platform has been very productive as has Reedy Point further west and Corporal Hill on the south shore. It will be worth while carrying a selection of fry patterns in the coming weeks as a number of anglers have reported seeing fish feeding on roach fry in the margins.

Although this has been sporadic up to now, with the bulk of the fish still appearing to be happy cruising sub surface looking for terrestrials, this will change as the winter approaches and fry become number one prey for the resident rainbows.

During October the fishery will open at 7.30am.

Best flies: Cat's Whisker, Cormorant, Foam Daddy, Black Hopper, Bibio, Dawson's Olive.

Best areas: Disabled platform, Reedy Point, Corporal Hill.


Fish move to feed closer to shore

STRONGER winds through the week and heavy rain raised water levels at Kielder Water and stirred fish into feeding closer to the shore.

Bait anglers had good sport fishing from Hawkhope slipway with ledgered worm. Mr  Peterkin from Amble took six to 2lb 12oz from Scotch Rocks with a ledgered worm. He also managed to land two fish with his fly rod on a Di6 line and a team of black lures.

Boat anglers were only out at the weekend but had good sport using sinking lines and teams of fry patterns. These methods had the most success fished over freshly flooded areas and bays where there is abundant food. During October, Kielder Water will open at 8am.

Boats should be booked in advance on 01434 251000. As the nights draw in return times will be earlier, please see the duty Ranger return times. Boat fishing will be available this year until mid November, weather permitting.

Tower Knowe will close for the season on Sunday, November 2.

Best flies: Olive lure, Black Fritz.

Best baits: Worm, Red and Black Mepps.

Best areas: Boat - Plashetts, Whickhope. Bank - Gordon's Walls, Hawkhope.


Tommy and Peter enjoy excellent sport

ANOTHER week of unsettled conditions at Scaling Dam failed to deter Peter Lightfoot, who had an excellent day on the jetty fishing worm and PowerBait to take the week's best bag with eight for 14lb 7oz.

Tommy Johns also had a great day fishing the east end on fly, catching four rainbows and returning two pristine brown trout. Tommy also netted the best fish of the week, a fin-perfect 4lb rainbow.

Following recent stocking there are still many fish remaining in Scaling Dam so any windows in the weather should offer great sport.

During October, the fishery will open at 7.30am.

Best Flies: Dawson's Olive, Viva, Silver Invicta, Black Hopper.

Best baits: Worm, Rainbow PowerBait Paste, White PowerBait Paste.

Best areas: Dam Wall, jetty.

Reports updated October 22


Array of bait generates good returns

THE mix of fine and unsettled days tested the anglers throughout the week at Whittle Dene complex.

An array of baits generated good returns with those combining hemp, sweetcorn and maggot stimulating swims and bringing a multitude of fish to the net.

R Gullon reported the overall net of the week; an 18-fish catch of roach weighing up to 1lb and some fine skimmers to 2lb 8oz.  C Foster had a 6lb roach catch on Friday.

Further reports of roach, gudgeon and skimmers complete what has been a good sporting week for the complex.

Best baits: Hemp and sweetcorn.

Best method: Pole and waggler/feeder.

Best areas: Northern.

From 1 November all banks at Derwent reservoir will be open to coarse anglers.

All catches must be recorded for the benefit of the fishery management team and fellow anglers.

Report updated October 21

Last updated: 1157 Tuesday October 21 2014.